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Your/My Homeopathic Remedy

“Anne, you mentioned that you did work with a naturopath and were using magnesium to ameliorate your binge eating.  Can you tell me more about that?” Reader, I am working with a homeopath, not a naturopath—big difference.  I am taking … Continue reading

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Recovery, Chronic Fatigue and Depression (Part II)

Healthy diet I have diabetes mellitus, type 2, and am overweight. My glucose was too high so I worked with a dietician to get on a proper healthy diet. For people with diabetes, the hemoglobin A1C test results should be … Continue reading

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How Not To Be Depressed, part 2b

2b. Don’t get an autoimmune disease. There is a relatively new area of medical investigation called PNIE—psychoneuroimmunoendocrinology. It says that how you feel emotionally is related to your nerves, your immune system, and your hormones. Who’d a thunk that your … Continue reading

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Physical or Mental Illness?

Last year—The Year of the Beast—while I was a patient in Crouse Hospital I had multiple episodes in which I was fully conscious but unresponsive. Following severely stressful events I could hear what was happening around me but I could … Continue reading

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How Not To Be Depressed, Part 2a

2. Intentionally live a healthy life. If you want to not get depressed, then live a physically healthy life. Go to bed early, eat a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise. Your emotions travel the biochemical and nerve routes … Continue reading

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How Not To Be Depressed, Part 1

1. Choose your parents carefully. There are two issues here: first, genetics and, second, child-rearing practices. According to the National Institute of Mental Health’s research, there is a gene for depression and it comes in a long form and a … Continue reading

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August Progress Report

Good morning, Readers. It’s zero-dark-thirty and I can’t sleep so I’ve been cruising statistics. Despite the fact that I haven’t posted for a month, I’m still getting an average of 45 readers a day. CPEP, Ativan and “Beyond Recovery” continue … Continue reading

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God, Psychiatry and Me: 2013

First, in the matter of Crowley and Crowley vs. Gottlieb, the trial is scheduled to start March 17 at 8:30 a.m. in Kent County, Michigan. “There are specific allegations for Count 1 – Medical Malpractice; Count 2 – Ordinary Negligence … Continue reading

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Yeah, You Really are Sick

As you may know, I have two blogs, “Behind the Locked Doors of Inpatient Psychiatry” and “Notes in Passing,” and a strange thing has happened.  As I have been writing about fatigue, I have been posting the same pieces to both blogs.  The … Continue reading

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The Enduring Damage (Part II)

To my doctor’s partner: When I take medicine, the first thing that happens is major fatigue.  I usually don’t notice the increase in fatigue; I am, after all, chronically tired and not a wimp.  I keep pushing myself forward to … Continue reading

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