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Richard Gottlieb: In Conclusion (Part II)

There came a time when Richard Gottlieb’s hospital cut his hours to half-time because only half his work was billable to insurance; the hospital was paying him out of pocket for the rest of the time. When Dick went to … Continue reading

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Status Update

My energies currently are devoted to producing a book on depression, drugs, psychiatry and recovery, circa 1971-2013. Chapter first-paragraphs are previewed on my Facebook page. Hopefully, before the summer is out the book will be available for sale. What’s your … Continue reading

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Recommended Reading

I recommend Pam is an intelligent, articulate woman whose blog is well worth reading. As she says “Dum spiro spero: While I breathe, I hope.” Let’s support her as she speaks the truth and works for justice.

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Us vs. St. Joseph’s Inpatient Psychiatry

News from MC, a fellow victim: This is almost a full year later [after ] and I was just recently released from the 3-6 unit [St. Joseph’s Hospital, inpatient psychiatry]. Nothing has changed from what you wrote other than … Continue reading

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Comes the Revolution . . .

Here’s the reason why us psychiatric types are so angry at the medical types: you keep conceptualizing mental illness the way you do physical illness. Physical illness is IN the body: pneumonia, appendicitis, cancer. These are things that are wholly … Continue reading

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You and Your Antidepressant

Things Your Doctor Should Tell You About Antidepressants September 12, 2012 By Paul W. Andrews, Lyndsey Gott & J. Anderson Thomson, Jr. Antidepressant medication is the most commonly prescribed treatment for people with depression. They are also commonly prescribed for … Continue reading

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