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I have a true story I want to share, a voluntary ER visit, turned into destroying my life, I had no prior history, I was in a mental health crisis I have learned they call it in the REAL world of medicine! It was a 1x incident. But I can tell you this story needs to go to a public, and it may just do that soon, because you see when mislabeled in the mental health system, you now have a stigma to live with, fraud in procedures, hospital violations, and continuous errors entered into reports have lead me to be in the system over four years, until now they have been caught, documents show catastrophic errors made.

I need to also find legal assistance, this did not happen at any of the hospitals listed here, but this story, my story, may just make laws change. It is inexcusable please let me know if anyone here can direct me who to report this too, bottom line delay of diagnosis, fraud many counts including Medicare part A, all wrong psychiatric drugs, now weaned from all, wrong treatment, which was illegal, battery, this all has to do with, no assessment, a assumed provisional diagnosis that never was looked into, patient boarding, and transfer to wrong part of this same hospital!

This ER also had yes a CPEP within it, documents show this, so you see it was not just the program, the intake report CPEP, is most accurate, however, I never got to the CPEP unit for 72-hour observation, medical treatment, assessment, diagnosis, care and treatment! Instead I was locked up in the 292 ICU for the mentally ill! Irreversible damage has been done throughout all this time. We need changes to be done, I know this most likely has happened to others, who never figured out what had happened to them, or their loved one, it was NOT a ER I walked into for bizarre behavior with psychotic FEATURES, but was in fact also housed the CPEP program, where I was mistaken for a psychiatric patient, kidnapped into this mental health care system, kept on toxic drugs, brain damaging, etc.

The list of damages due are huge, and well deserved accountability will be had! How many other people became victim, as I have, and still in the system, alone, scared, most likely drugged, etc.? And families do not know this can and does happen, I was one of the lucky? To find these truths out about my records.

My life destroyed along this very long, endless path, but now justice needs to be had, accountability for my life that has been like falling dominoes one-by-one, as I lost everything I loved, everything I had, took a lifetime to build, but most of all, I lost myself, and who I was, forever changed. I want accountability, compensation, and then these false mental health records court sealed, and I have documents to do so. I just need the right direction to go and the right people to help me get closure to this nightmare. Anyone?

    Anne’s reply

One: follow the money. Your complaints should start with whoever is paying for what you consider mistreatment. Medicare is one place to file complaints. You also can complain to the agency that guarantees the hospital [can’t think at the moment what this is called]. File complaints against everyone whom you think damaged you. File complaints against the licenses of nurses, doctors and anyone else whom you think behaved wrongfully. In NYS, file with the Dept. of Health, Office of Professional Misconduct, for doctors; Dept. of Education for psychologists and others.

“Wrong treatment” is not necessarily illegal. If the treatment that was provided to you was the standard of care at the time, then it is legal. If you received a lobotomy in 1950, then it would have been considered a good thing; if it was done last year then the physician would be liable.

ERs do not have CPEPs “in” them. Basically, a CPEP is a free-standing psychiatric emergency room that is parallel to a medical emergency room. CPEPs do not provide 72-hour observation, medical treatment, or psychiatric care or treatment. They assess the presenting problem, medicate as appropriate, and then move the patient out to home or inpatient, as appropriate.

In NYS, any two physicians can commit you to inpatient psychiatry. You do not get “mistaken” for a psychiatric patient; you get diagnosed based on your behavior at the time of the examination.

You need a lawyer. People diagnosed with mental illness rarely can afford one. “I lost myself, and who I was, forever changed.” I know. I had it happen to me. There should be accountability and compensation. There won’t be.

I know of no way for you to get what you want and deserve. Good luck trying, and keep us advised if you have any success.

The psychiatric system sucks. I wouldn’t put the odds of getting justice at more than one in one hundred thousand.

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I am a tenth generation American, descended from a family that has been working a farm that was deeded to us by William Penn. The country has changed around us but we have held true. I stand in my grandmother’s kitchen, look down the valley to her brother’s farm and see my great-great-great-great-great-grandmother Hannah standing on the porch. She is holding the baby, surrounded by four other children, and saying goodbye to her husband and oldest son who are going off to fight in the Revolutionary War. The war is twenty miles away and her husband will die fighting. We are not the Daughters of the American Revolution; we were its mothers. My father, Milton C. Woodlen, got his doctorate from Temple University in the 1940’s when—in his words—“a doctorate still meant something.” He became an education professor at West Chester State Teachers College, where my mother, Elizabeth Hope Copeland, had graduated. My mother raised four girls and one boy, of which I am the middle child. My parents are deceased and my siblings are estranged. My fiancé, Robert H. Dobrow, was a fighter pilot in the Marine Corps. In 1974, his plane crashed, his parachute did not open, and we buried him in a cemetery on Long Island. I could say a great deal about him, or nothing; there is no middle ground. I have loved other men; Bob was my soul mate. The single greatest determinate of who I am and what my life has been is that I inherited my father’s gene for bipolar disorder, type II. Associated with all bipolar disorders is executive dysfunction, a learning disability that interferes with the ability to sort and organize. Despite an I.Q. of 139, I failed twelve subjects and got expelled from high school and prep school. I attended Syracuse University and Onondaga Community College and got an associate’s degree after twenty-five years. I am nothing if not tenacious. Gifted with intelligence, constrained by disability, and compromised by depression, my employment was limited to entry level jobs. Being female in the 1960’s meant that I did office work—billing at the university library, calling out telegrams at Western Union, and filing papers at a law firm. During one decade, I worked at about a hundred different places as a temporary secretary. I worked for hospitals, banks, manufacturers and others, including the county government. I quit the District Attorney’s Office to manage a gas station; it was more honest work. After Bob’s death, I started taking antidepressants. Following doctor’s orders, I took them every day for twenty-six years. During that time, I attempted%2
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  1. Lee says:

    Additional Info surfaced in Documents now in the hands of Primary Doctor!
    EMTALA violations looks to be the start of this nightmare. NEVER WAS MEDICALLY ASSESSED, STABALIZED, BY A MEDICAL DOCTOR! Then I was (psychiatric boarded back in the ER after the CPEP intake report was done, THERE WERE NO IN HOUSE BEDS AVAILABLE AT THAT TIME)
    so they boarded me overnight in the ER. The next a.m. I was Patient Dumped in the wrong unit. It was the unit for the Mentally Ill who have already been diagnosed with a “mental illness” prior to entry. I was NEVER assessed, medically or psychologically assessed. IT WAS THERE I WAS drugged out of my mind, shock treatments administered, (NEVER IS TO BE DONE TO A WALK IN VOLUNTARY EMERGENCY ROOM PATIENT WITH NO PRIOR HISTORY OF ANY CLINICAL DEPRESSION, OR HISTORY OF MENTAL ILLNESS/ NO DIAGNOSIS!) I have fell through the system, it was not a one time incident that I was being “treated for” for all this time almost 5 years now! Out patient just came to a end. due to my findings! Both facilities could be held liable.
    It was not a MISDIAGNOSIS. it is a DELAY OF DIAGNOSIS all this time. both facilities, and kept on wrong medications through 2014 which kept me even more at a mental disadvantage of understanding, and pursuing what could of happened to me?! Something did, I know now. And I will not give up. This has all been Medically Confirmed. I just need to find the right place for legal assistance. And like you said. once labeled. even if Mislabeled…. the stigma is over your head, until something is done! If anyone wants to write me advice. I would love to hear from you!
    I was “lucky” to find all this out, the damages are irreversible states my primary care doctor.
    ps/bottom line as stated in documents. Possible triggers of incident was Stress over Mortgage issues, and the recent wean off of a medication patient had been on for years prior to weaning off it ..she was on it for her ibs. PAIN!
    Can’t get much clearer than that. I think also paperwork, electronic signatures, etc. also may be at fault her. I am not sure.
    1. ER – Emtala Violations!
    3. Assumed Psychiatric Patient (PATIENT BOARDED IN THE ER – NO BEDS AVAILABLE)
    *15 WRONG MEDS
    *ECT Shock Administered (into a otherwise healthy woman age 42 no history of Depression!)
    *Transfer order to State Hospital after the month was up. (medicare part A was up!)
    *Transfer was stopped by family- discharged to family on 4 psychiatric meds. (all inappropriate)
    and should of not been made to take, also combinations of the 4 were high risk warnings!
    no one disclosed that either!
    5. With discharge, had to agree to go to another facility as a out patient for MEDICATION MANAGEMENT (of these wrong toxic drugs) intake was scheduled by first hospital.
    6. Started at outpatient as told, This out patient kept me on these wrong medications through
    7. Today, I remain on the original one (setraline 100mg) I took for years, prior to the brief wean off in 2010, that was immediatley restarted in the inpatient stay, (PER MY IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME. PAIN! (311)
    8. Out patient has now come to a end, just being on the one medication now, I was always on, there is nothing further they can do for me. for my MDD RECURRENT, SEVERE, EPISODE WITH PSYCHOTIC FEATURES, IS NOT IN “remission”
    9. 1. You can not be in REMISSION of something you never had or were ever DIAGNOSED!
    2. You can not be MDD Recurrent, if you never had MDD moreso never had a FIRST EPISODE!
    I have been told by lawyers:
    1. We would like to help but this is not in our expertise.
    2. Criminal Kidnap/Battery
    3. Federal law overseas State law (EMTALA)
    4. DELAY OF DIAGNOSIS, misdiagnosis, no diagnosis was ever assessed for. Either facility.
    5. Sounds like a Civil Suit
    6. Sounds like Medical Malpractice etc….
    I told out patient after all this surfaced, as it did very slowly.
    Q: “you do know how, and why I came here to your facility right’?
    A: “yes… for your MAJOR DEPRESSIVE DISORDER, and prior Hospitalizations”
    Q: You do know why I was put on SERTRALINE in 1990 right?
    A. Yes for your MDD

    *NO for IBS. Irritable bowel syndrome. PAIN!
    Response: Oh… we never heard of that used for Chronic Pain, maybe you taught us something
    new today! 🙂
    They said they would look into that, i got a letter saying the person I use to see all this time
    left the practice, and i will see someone new for medication management.
    They replaced her with a very young woman… As I explained once again the situation to her,
    She had no answers for me, except, we can’t help what happened at the first hospital, all we can do is go from here..
    I explained “here” you also continued the first hospitals mistakes….. I want these Fraud Records Sealed legally!
    I then got another letter in the mail.
    You will now be seeing someone else for medication management, this time it was a man
    with over 30 years in the PSYCHIATRY FIELD.
    * I did not see him, nor did I go back, I will not be “toyed” with any longer, I do not trust
    the Psychiatry field of so called mental health… far as I can see they destroy lives, and then when get caught…DO NOT GIVE A RATS ASS for your mental well being, etc. just want to cover their own asses legally!
    Especially now that I know the facts, and have My Primary MEDICAL Doctor behind me 100%
    I have nothing else to lose… I have lost every thing I love, I had, and most of all who I was like you.. is forever gone.

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