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Under the Law

From glj:  I agree [with “Being ‘Disappeared’ into CPEP” %5D, my mom was just admitted to a 72-hour program again and they won’t tell us anything.  For a majority of the day today I tried to hold in my tears because … Continue reading

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Richard Gottlieb, MSW, Investigation

Please forward this notice to anyone who has been a patient of clinical social worker Richard Gottlieb, MSW, or to anyone who might know anyone who was his patient (six degrees of separation). Richard Gottlieb, MSW, is under investigation by Assistant … Continue reading

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A Letter from the Lawyer

THE LAW FIRM OF JASON L. JANSMA, PLC Criminal Defense Attorney Firm Address                                                                                      Firm Phone Numbers 40 Pearl Street, NW, Suite 922                                                        616-233-9162 office Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503                                                        616-456-5434 fax                                                                                                             616-581-7406 cell                                                                                                    … Continue reading

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