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My Mother’s Meatloaf

I have quit the vegan diet, and here’s why.  Ten days ago I wrote “Two Hearts on Whole Wheat” ( about Dick and me.  We both had gone vegan about eight months ago, and he had just had his annual … Continue reading

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Mind, Spirit or Soul

The issue is soul murder.  The psyche is defined as “mind, soul or spirit.”  Psychiatry has claimed the mind, but ignored the spirit or soul part.  If you are hospitalized on a medical floor then the hospital will give you a Holy … Continue reading

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Solid Gray Gunk

Stephen King should envy me my dreams—so creative, so horrible. I wake and am dreaming, as always, about my sisters—one bank officer and two ordained Methodist ministers.  They never visited me.  They visited each other; they took vacations together; they … Continue reading

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Women and Power

 I do not have bipolar disorder, type II. Students are being taught that bipolar disorder, type II, is a genetic, congenital condition consisting of episodes of depression alternating with periods of hypomania.  I have never had hypomania; I have had … Continue reading

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Getting Fired

According to Richard Gottlieb, MSW and Diplomate with a capital D, last year at the Empathic Therapy Conference Dr. Peter Breggin said, “If you haven’t been fired at least once, you’re not doing your job.” Dick and I had been engaged in … Continue reading

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“I Alone Am Left . . .”

May first.  Not feeling so good.  Sleeping sixteen hours a day.  Glucose 423 yesterday morning.  Urine output up by 30%.  Doctor says I’ll wind up in the hospital from dehydration within 3-5 days.  That assumes I’ll call for an ambulance.  … Continue reading

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